Inspiration Award

Meic Stevens - 2018 Welsh Music Inspiration Award

Meic Stevens at Tafwyl (photo credit - Iolo Penri)

Meic Stevens has been a major figure of Welsh popular music since the 1970’s and is one of the most recorded Welsh artists of all-time, producing music in both Welsh and English.

Growing up in Solfach, Pembrokeshire, Meic made the first of his 27 albums, ‘Outlander’ – now considered a classic – for Warner Brothers during the 60s.

The psych-folk singer and guitarist, dubbed “the 60s Welsh Dylan”, is a pioneer of contemporary Welsh music, and instrumental in developing the art of studio recording in Wales.

He has been selected for the award for his outstanding contribution to Welsh music, inspiring thousands through his performances and recordings, which continue at the age of 76.

Cerys Matthews added: “I am delighted Meic Stevens is receiving this Award. In terms of songwriting, he is one at the top of their game in both of Wales’ languages. He has forged his own path, writes protest songs of power and beauty, and love songs that floor. In songs like Tryweryn, Er Cof am Blant y Cwm, Stevens, like Dylan, ably turns the spotlight on political issues of the day. In others, like Dic Penderyn, he stealthy plunders the rich wealth of Wales’ history and gifts the world these timeless classics.

“He has been a constant source of inspiration for so many of us and has been instrumental in shaping the Welsh music scene as it is today. He is a singular artist, without peer- and utterly deserving of this recognition of the lifetime achievement award.”

The Welsh Music Inspiration Award is a new prize to recognise an outstanding contribution to music in Wales.

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